“Lexi’s voice is superb and the band are sounding like a well-honed unit. Very cool!” James  Sedwards, The Thurston Moore Band

Hoopdriver hail from London via far flung corners of the world.

This is a band that’s full of surprises, from how they sound to what they sing about. A sonic journey that starts on a seventies British rail train to Aberystwyth and doesn’t stop until it’s plunging into the sea and wigging out with post-punk bottom dwellers.

Lyrically they may appear nonsensical at times, insert rhymes that don’t quite work and even sound banal. However on further listening you discover humour, satire, feminism, Marxist references and a little pseudo existentialism.

Their latest recordings are given unique levels of saturation via the young and extremely talented sound engineer, Constantin (Eighteen Nightmares at the Lux, Panza, Gun Factory). An analogue mixing desk and insufficient sound proofing

makes their latest offerings as lovable and dirty as teenagers face after a week at Glastonbury. Occasionally while listening you feel like you’re driving a truck that’s been dipped in treacle, set fire to and launched into the river Lea.

‘Killer sound, just a little bit trashy as it should be, and very powerful!!’ Eric Baconstrip, King Salami & the Cumberland Three

Hoopdriver take you on virtual DMT ride when they play live – mesmerising performances from the lead singer Lexi are complimented by the wild and reckless frenzied drumming from Matt. The cool, calm and collected funk bass style of Vitor clashes beautifully with Van Rattles monstrous guitar like a lamb hacking through a frozen yoghurt with a chainsaw.

There are only 3 types of people in the world – those that love Hoopdriver, those that hate them and those that have never heard of them……yet!